Working with my friend Pablo Castro, we managed to hack together 8 Indio Picaros and the pumps from PartyRobotics into a machine that serves drinks in a unique way. We presented at the Santiago Mini Maker Faire and it was a hit. We had lots of people asking us to rent or buy the machine. […]

Use the Force little Indio

  Last weekend a friend came over all excited about his new Leap Motion that he just got. We had just two hours, but wanted to do a mini hackathon to get to know his new device. For those of you that don’t know, the Leap Motion is a new cheap human machine interface. It […]

Can you tell me temperature brother?

I just had a baby recently, and one of the things that my wife was a bit obsessed with was maintaining the room the correct temperature for the newborn. There are of course some digital thermometers out there made for baby’s room, but they mostly have small digital readouts (nothing that you could see from […]

How Inspiration Finds You

I’ve had this blog for a couple of years, but had some difficulty deciding on what topic I wanted to spend the precious little spare time I have writing about. I’ve been buried in enterprise software for the last couple of years after selling my startup, and I find this type of software less than […]

Ye shall know them by their works

HI there, I’m Nathan or N8 for short. I’m a software architect who loves hacking electronics and being outdoors doing cool things like hiking, snowboarding and kitesurfing. My contact information can be found┬áhere. – N8